can i copy and paste your answer to that question for my followers? ill give you credit xx

Please do. The more that the word is spread, the better :-) Don’t credit me, it’s perfectly fine to pass on that information.xo

After seeing your question on domestic abuse I really wanted to ask for help. Im in a relation ship now at the age of 16 with my boyfriend who is 19. I find he gets very angry very quickly at other things and then takes it out on me. If I make him angry he'll lock me in his bedroom from the outside and sometimes leave me there for hours when he lets me out he'll say I deserve it. He's pushed me hundreds of the times into the wall so hard once I bled from my head.I don't know if I'm overreacting

This isn’t Sammi but please seriously understand that you are not overreacting. Nobody, certainly not your boyfriend should be treating you this way. You need to stop the relationship or get help.

For anyone else who is also suffering from domestic abuse then please talk to someone. If you for whatever reason feel like you can’t then call this number for help and advice on how to deal with and report domestic abuse. Similarly if you know someone who is a victim of abuse then I’d advise you to also call this number to learn about what help and support you can offer them.

If are or know somebody who is hurting someone they love then call the confidential respect line on 0808 8024040 on advice and support on how to stop.

24 Hour National Domestic Abuse Helpline: 0808 2000 247
If you feel that you or someone else is in immediate danger then don’t hesitate to call 999/your emergency number.

(Sorry for such a serious answer but I know that a lot of people will be on this page seeking help following Sammi’s YouTube video, I just want to help anyone that may be in the same situation as her!)

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